Regular visitors to Healing Manor Hotel and The Pig & Whistle will recognise the friendly faces of our regular team, so we thought we’d give you a little insight via our new meet the team feature, to help you get to know us a little better.

Read on to find out their loves, their most memorable moments and what they love about being part of the Healing Manor family. So next time you see them, why not take a moment to stop and chat, and meet the team for yourself?

Hannah – Sales & Events Manager

Meet the team: Hannah at Healing Manor Hotel

What’s your role?
“I am the newly appointed Events and Sales manager. I was previously on Reception.”

What’s your favourite part of the job?
“I love meeting all the newly engaged couples and seeing how excited they are about planning their wedding day. Pure joy! And working in such a beautiful venue surrounded by nature every day, what more do you need?”

What’s your most memorable feature?
“I must have one of those faces because people always say they feel like they’ve met me before. But my memorable feature I would say is that you’ll always find me in some sort of black dress and matching black specs. Standard! 

What’s your favourite dish on the menu?
“Sticky Toffee Pudding, although I can’t wait to try the White Chocolate Snickers. I’m all about the puddings!”

What moment at work will you never forget?
“We were serving canapés at the Business Awards and my Yorkshire accent just couldn’t get around the pronunciation of beef in French (boeuf, if you fancy having a go) and everyone thought it was hilarious. This was followed by everyone then trying their best Yorkshire accents of every word going *rolling eyes*.”

What’s your advice to anyone thinking about working at Healing Manor?
“Do it! I came from a background of retail and office work and this is honestly the best environment to work in. No two days are the same. To walk into work and to laugh and smile everyday with like-minded people is just wonderful. You will learn so many new skills and make some fabulous new friends.”

Fidan – Guest Services & Front of House

Meet the team: Fidan at Healing Manor Hotel

What is your role at Healing Manor Hotel?
“I initially joined as a Food and Beverage Assistant in October 2023 and after a month, I progressed to become a Food and Beverage Supervisor. Currently, I am a part of the Guest Services team but looking forward to engaging more with the Events department. I have a curious personality and my team has been supportive to allow me to try myself in various departments.

What is your favourite part of the job?
“I love being part of an intimate team, which gives me a chance to learn from different departments. For instance, I have closely worked with the FOH, Management and Operations departments. Currently, I am trying to engage more in Events which involves work with companies, wedding organisation and many other events.”

What is your most memorable feature?
“If you ever hear someone looking for a chatty girl with a European accent, then that will be me! Apart from that, I will always be there for a chat and to learn about your background, hobbies, and interests.”

What is your favourite dish on the menu?
“I come from a multi-cultural family and without a doubt, an antipasti or a cheese board is a go-to at our family gatherings. Something about a glass of Pinot Noir and a combination of flavours of bruschetta, prosciutto and olives on a slice of sourdough bread is irreplaceable. So, if you are looking for a perfect gift, get me a nice selection of cheeses!”

What moment will you never forget at work?
“I love the progress of Healing Manor Hotel. Working here for so long has made this not just a workplace but a place that I greatly cherish. Therefore, every Award and Event that our hotel gets to be a part of are my favourite moments as there is nothing better than having pride in seeing your team reach their goals and succeed.”

What’s your advice to anyone thinking of working at Healing Manor?
“If you are an enthusiast for learning and trying  various directions, then this is the place for you. There is no limitation to learning at Healing Manor Hotel: you can learn about all the ins and outs of hospitality and the behind the scenes of running a hotel, restaurant and wedding venue. Just make sure to ask questions and strive to improve.”