Become an apprentice at Healing Manor Hotel: get engaging, work-based learning whilst earning and being enrolled on industry-leading training. You’ll receive the support of an enthusiastic and passionate team, and future career development in the hospitality industry.

Here at Healing Manor Hotel we are constantly focussing on our future and that of our ever-growing team. We believe in providing development opportunities and encouraging personal growth and team investment. Talk to us today and find out how a career in hospitality is rewarding, fulfilling and satisfying.

Meet the team - Luke at Healing Manor Hotel

With a view to providing business continuity within hospitality, a workforce that, nationally, has been steadily depleting, we are proactively recruiting apprentices and up-skilling our team. 

As part of the hospitality and visitor economy sector, we passionately believe that work-based learning is by far the most engaging way to progress our business and create strong career opportunities for our team at Healing Manor Hotel. As a paid apprentice, you’ll learn on the job, with at least 20% of your working hours spent on classroom-based college learning. You’ll gain a nationally-recognised qualification, as well as a wealth of experience, knowledge and initiative which can only be learnt in the work-place. Your off the job training is delivered by experts in the industry and can include theory via classroom and online learning and lectures, practical training and learning support.

Apprenticeships are available for people over the age of 16 and are ideal if you are just starting your career, want to up-skill in your current job, looking for a career change or ready to move on after full-time education.

We currently have five Apprentices working as a part of the team, ranging from Chef de Parties to Management. With an apprentice in Leadership and Hospitality supervision already being onboarded in early 2023, we are well into the launch phase of this exciting and positive step for the future. In addition to meeting our internal training needs, we are truly igniting excitement within the fast-paced and diverse hospitality industry. At Healing Manor Hotel, our apprenticeship programme is making great strides towards better engaging with the local workforce and providing an experience that just can’t be found elsewhere for those who want to excel.

Whether you are changing careers, looking for something that can provide you a great work-life balance due to our 4-day working week initiative or are just starting out on your career journey, we want to hear from you. As a business, we are at an incredible development juncture that allows us to offer team members a very visible development pathway.

We invite you to meet trainee operations manager Luke in our ‘Meet the Team’ feature and find out more about life working at Healing Manor Hotel here.

Our apprenticeships provider is HIT Training. Click here to discover the apprenticeships available in the hospitality industry through working at Healing Manor Hotel.

For more information and to discuss your apprentice options, please contact us on