Sustainability and environmental impact are close to our hearts at Healing Manor Hotel, and we’re keen to take all the steps we can to minimise our and our customers’ carbon footprint.

One way in which we are helping visitors to become more environmentally-conscious is by embracing green technology, a key part of our sustainability approach. You’ll now find four accessible EV charging points in the Healing Manor Hotel carpark.

We’ve teamed up with Grimsby-based company MyEnergi to install four Zappi 11kW charging points. Myenergi is at the forefront of British renewable eco-smart technology innovation and manufacturing, and its renowned Zappi product is the world’s first solar and wind-compatible electric car charger.

Our Zappi charging points are easy to use and are currently FREE for hotel residents and diners in the Pig & Whistle bar and restaurant, giving you a convenient and efficient top-up to help you on your way.

So next time you’re at Healing Manor Hotel, bring your EV and help us drive towards a more sustainable future. You can see the status of our EV chargers on Zap Map.

For more information, contact our reception team on m: or p: (01472) 884544.