Healing Manor Hotel is run and operated by The Lincolnshire Kitchen Limited (the Hotel or we or us).  You can find everything you need to know about us and our services on our website

The hotel will not be liable for any failure or delay in providing facilities, service, food and beverages as a result of events outside its control (including and not limited to seasonality, fire, storm, explosion, flood, act of God, epidemic or pandemic, war, action of Government agency, shortage of materials or goods, strike or lockout)

The hotel has an on-going refurbishment and development programme and reserves the right to change the appearance of certain areas from time to time. The hotel reserves the right to change the internal or external appearance.

Access to and the use of Function Room

A full day ‘Room Hire’ of the Barn and/or Cadogan suite, means that guests can access your chosen room from 9am on the morning of the event and departure by midnight, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Please note that access to your chosen function room the day before, or prior to 9am cannot be guaranteed. In circumstances when the room is available and isn’t booked out the day before, your dedicated Events Coordinator will be on hand to liaise with the client (you) and your suppliers to arrange early access. Please note that this is not guaranteed, due to the busy nature of Healing Manor Hotel and our function rooms receiving requests for last minute bookings. If you do require guaranteed access on the day before your wedding, a £1800 room hire charge is required, to cover loss of business the day before your wedding. This will allow access from 9am the day before your wedding and up until midnight on the day of your celebrations.

If any suppliers need to deliver items before your wedding day or collect items after the event, prior arrangement would be required through Healing Manor Hotel’s Event Co-ordinator.

Where possible, the Venue will assist in the storage of equipment etc, but such items always remain the responsibility of you. Such articles must be removed from the Hotel by no later than 7am of the day following the event, unless otherwise agreed. Please note that if you are carrying out your own décor and styling, that all items must be removed by 7am the following day.

Damages and debris

You are responsible for any damage caused to the hotel or any of its fixtures and fittings, utensils or equipment, internal and external by any act, default or neglect by you, your sub-contractor or any guest. The cost of making good or remedying any such damage must be reimbursed on demand to the hotel. This contract binds that any damages will be charged to the client, up to 48 hours after your event.

Please note that no pins, screws, tack or tape is to be used on walls or surfaces in functions rooms, unless on the wooden slats in the Barn. Any such items, must be removed by the client immediately and you will be responsible for any damage caused by such items.

Any debris left from props, styling, flowers, hay bales, marquees etc, must be removed and cleaned by 9am the following morning. We highly recommend that you work with a recommended supplier to assist in the décor of your wedding. If you are decorating your own wedding, please note that Healing Manor Hotel cannot be responsible for any injury or damages. Charges may be incurred if all items are not removed, or if a cost is implemented on the business to clear up any remaining messes.


Healing Manor Hotel has an ever-growing list of highly recommended wedding and events suppliers, to help with the planning of your special day. We ask that you provide a full list of any suppliers attending your wedding, along with their contact details and estimated time of arrival/departure.

All suppliers must supply relevant insurance and/or risk assessments prior to attending site.

Suppliers must provide their estimated arrival time at the venue and any special requirements at least 21 days before your wedding day or event. Early access from 12.30am can be granted in special circumstances to external suppliers, however this must be confirmed in writing with your Wedding and Events Coordinator.

Please note that if your photographer or anyone else has intentions to capture drone footage, this must be agreed in writing, prior to your wedding or event. Drone footage is welcomed, however footage of areas such as bedrooms, windows and guests outside of your wedding guests is not allowed.

Accommodation and use of the Hotel

Healing Manor Hotel boasts 37-bedrooms, nestled between the main Manor House, Courtyard and Boathouse. For couples booking a wedding with a minimum of 80 full paying daytime guests, Healing Manor Hotel will provide a Luxury or junior suite complimentary, to the couple, unless otherwise stated in your chosen package.

Please note that Healing Manor Hotel cannot guarantee private use of the site, due to the public house The Pig & Whistle and restaurant The Portman. If you would like to enquire about exclusive use, please note that this starts at £27,000.

Healing Manor Hotel reserves the rights to reserve a maximum of three bedrooms for the client, including the bridal suite on the night of the wedding. To make a block booking of 5 or more bedrooms, a deposit for the total of each of those bedrooms is required upon booking. This sum will not be refundable or transferrable.

All other bedrooms are offered on a first come, first served basis and we highly advise that you encourage guests to book as soon as possible. A card guarantee is required upon booking for any bedrooms booked. A reduced function rate is offered to the client and their guests, for the night before, night of and night after the wedding celebrations. Please note that this rate may increase or decrease, dependant on outside factors, such as inflation or deflation.

We highly recommend that guests book their bedrooms directly with the hotel, to enjoy use of the discounted wedding rate. On the rare occasion that a cheaper rate is found, based on it matching the bed and breakfast function discounted rate, we please ask that guests contact the hotel directly, for a matched price. Occasions when this might occur, would be on a Sunday, or if a guest has a genius or reduced rate on an OTA

If you wish to have breakfast the following morning of any event, please note that a table must be pre-booked. If you do not pre-book a table in advance, the Hotel cannot guarantee that one will be available.

Please note that if you wish to have breakfast as a group, please enquire with your wedding co-ordinator in relation to the hire of the Cadogan Suite. This is due to the restaurant only having a limited number of tables, which are only able to currently seat four people. If you are having breakfast as a group in the Cadogan Suite, this will only be available as a breakfast buffet and not on an ‘a la carte’ basis. Any dietary requirements must be provided in the final details meeting, at least four weeks prior to your wedding and this must be confirmed in writing. Guests who have not pre-booked a table for breakfast will be allocated a table if and when one becomes available.

Whilst we understand that you might like to enjoy use of the onsite facilities on the night before your wedding and on the morning of your wedding, if you do require a suite the night before, or to get ready in the morning, Healing Manor Hotel cannot guarantee use of 306 – ‘The Boathouse Suite’. Whilst we guarantee wedding exclusivity on the day of your wedding, we prioritise ensuring that the couple enjoying their wedding get to enjoy use of 306 on the night of their wedding, to make bookings fair. Please note that Healing Manor Hotel regularly hosts a wedding on a Friday and on a Saturday, meaning Friday’s wedding would have first refusal of 306 on the Friday and Saturday’s wedding on the Saturday. Please speak to our Wedding and Events team for more details.

If up to 7 days before your wedding, a wedding isn’t booked on the day before or after your celebrations, our team will ensure that you are allocated to 306 if requested. 112 is our second beautiful suite and is perfect for all couples, with an adjoining standard room available to book too.

Please note that check-in for rooms is from 3pm and checkout is by 11am. Early check-in is from 1pm and late check-out is by 12pm. If you or any of your guests require the rooms outside of those hours, an additional night’s stay must be booked. Please note that an early check-in or late check-out cannot be guaranteed and are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please note that an additional fee will be charged for any early check-ins and/or late check-outs for the hours noted above. Early check-ins and late check-outs will be subject to availability. For the avoidance of doubt, early check-ins and late check-outs will not and cannot be guaranteed in any circumstance.

Rooms are provided based on a maximum room occupancy, which will be provided to your guests when booking their room. You and/or your guests must not exceed maximum room occupancy. The hotel may charge an additional charge in respect of rooms that exceed maximum room occupancy and may conduct checks on occupancy and compliance with these terms.

Civil Ceremonies

Please note that in the case of the same room being used for both ceremony and banquet, a period of 1 hour will be required to turn the room around. We recommend any couple wishing to hold your civil ceremony at the hotel to contact the local Registrar to ensure their availability in performing the ceremony. It is your responsibility to ensure that you book and pay for the registrar and the hotel is not liable for any cancellations or postponements due to your chosen registrar not being available. Guests will be able to enjoy your post ceremony ‘arrival drinks’ package, or enjoy drinks from the bar, whilst our team ensure that your room is perfect for your wedding reception.

Food and drink

All food and beverages will be supplied by Healing Manor Hotel, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Please see the section “Supply Of Food and Alcoholic Beverages” below for further information. Please note that additional charges may be incurred.

We recommend that if you would like your guests to enjoy drinks before the ceremony in the Pig & Whistle, that you advise your Wedding and Events Coordinator to ensure that a space has been booked. We do ask that after the ceremony guests utilise the bar in your chosen function room, either the Barn or Cadogan, as the Pig and Whistle is table service only and often becomes fully booked. If you would like to include The Pig & Whistle or Portman restaurant, or connecting terraces within your day, we recommend speaking to your Wedding and Events Coordinator.

For your wedding breakfast, please allow a minimum of 2.5 hours for service of the wedding meal.

All menu choices must be submitted 4-weeks before your wedding day. Any changes after this time may result in an additional administration charge.

Menu Tasting

Brides and Grooms wishing to book a menu tasting at Healing Manor Hotel will be charged a minimum of £40 per person, unless otherwise stated in your chosen package or otherwise in writing. We offer set dates for wedding tastings throughout the year and spaces are subject to availability. Please note that you are required to have selected your provisional menu at the time of booking your wedding menu tasting. Ingredients are subject to change, due to the seasonality of some ingredients and we do ask you to bear this in mind at the time of booking a tasting.

Supply Of Food and Alcoholic Beverages

Only food and drink that is purchased from Healing Manor Hotel may be served and consumed on the premises, including car parks on the grounds. The only exception to this is your wedding cake, a sweet cart, brownie, or donut station, unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance of your wedding day. Only alcoholic beverages that are purchased from the Healing Manor Hotel may be served and consumed on the premises. In the event of alcohol being brought on to the premises (including bedrooms) by a wedding guest or member of the bridal party, the Hotel reserves the right to require it to be delivered to a staff member to be returned after your wedding or on check out, whichever occurs later. We will not and do not permit the use of drugs. Any guest in breach of the Hotel’s rules on drugs and alcohol consumption may be asked to leave the Hotel/event.

In relation to the buffet, food station and BBQ menus, these will only be available if there a minimum number of people that wish to take part. This number is currently 30 people, but may be subject to change. All guests must be accounted and catered for and any guests who have not been notified to the Healing Manor Hotel will and cannot be guaranteed any food from these services.

If you are planning to offer your guests an alcoholic based wedding favour, this must not exceed 50ml and cannot be consumed on site.

The Hotel reserves the right to withdraw any menu items or wines listed and offer an alternative. Please note that this will only occur if there are shortages or a spike in cost of a particular line.

Please note that we are not responsible for the storage and/or safe keeping of any wedding cakes, or any foods/consumables provided by a third party to the Hotel.

Please understand that any leftover cake or food that you would like to take with you after the event must be removed by 7am the following day. Any cake and/or food that has not been removed by 7am the following day will be disposed of by the Healing Manor Hotel. We will only hold leftover food for as long as is reasonably possible to comply with our requirements under food hygiene and safety regulations.

Outside Catering and Food or Drink Suppliers

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, no external food and drink suppliers are permitted on site. Healing Manor Hotel offers a vast variation of food and drink options, catering for all dietary requirements. If you would like to discuss an external catering attending site, please note that there is a minimum £1000 charge for daytime food suppliers and £700 for evening suppliers. We ask that you discuss this with your Wedding and Events Coordinator. If agreed, please note that all relevant paperwork, hygiene ratings, public liability insurance and liaising with our team must be in place.

On The Day

Other events may occur on the same day as your event. Healing Manor Hotel is home to public house, the Pig and Whistle, restaurant the Portman, 37 bedrooms and two function rooms. Exclusive use of the grounds is available for guests wishing to hire out both the Barn, Cadogan Suite, Portman, Cure All Lounge, Pig & Whistle and all of its 37 bedrooms. This is subject to no present additional bookings being placed at the time of your booking.

The hotel will not accept or store gifts, cakes or cards on behalf of the Bride and Groom, on your wedding day, the day before or day after

Carriages at 12am for non-resident guests. A resident’s bar is available for residents only and the opening hours are at the discretion of our night manager. Only residents of Healing Manor Hotel will be served, and any drinks purchased, must be transferred to a bedroom.

Last orders for the Healing Manor Hotel is 11:45pm and the function room closes at midnight.

Entertainment and Live Music


The Hotel reserves the rights to control entertainment volumes and outputs. Please note that a TEN’s notice can be requests for a wedding wishing for a live band, however this is at the discretion of North East Lincolnshire Council and cannot be guaranteed at the time of making your booking.

Healing Manor Hotel’s resident DJ is provided by Mr T & Co.

You shall ensure that the provisions of the Noise Management Plan (as amended from time to time) are properly and promptly observed and complied with at all times. The Noise Management Plan shall be provided to you prior to your event. If there is an inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the Noise Management Plan, the provisions of Noise Management Plan shall prevail.


From the last week of November through until around New Year’s Eve, the Hotel will provide festive decorations, which will remain in place for any weddings during this period.

During other times of the year, no decorations will be provided by the Hotel, but we will work with you to accommodate any requests or specified decorations that you would like. Additional charges may apply to these, which will be notified to you before your wedding day.

The Hotel supplies a live recommended wedding supplier list on

Fireworks and Outdoor Activities

Whilst your hired space here at Healing Manor Hotel is yours for the day of your event, we do require prior notice to any outdoor activities or events, especially those that may affect our neighbours and any other guests utilising the other facilities at the hotel. Fireworks are NOT permitted unless agreed in writing by the venue before your wedding day. Any fireworks which are granted must be zero noise and supplied by our recommended supplier. Fireworks must not be let off any later than 9.30pm, excluding New Year’s Eve. Any outdoor activities utilising the grounds must also be agreed in writing and are subject to the client ensuring that grounds are cleared by an agreed time the following morning. Fireworks must be provided by an agreed supplier.

When fireworks are permitted, these must be set off from the grounds outside of the Restaurant. The permitted fireworks must last no longer than 5 minutes. Any bookings for use of fireworks will be agreed on a first come first served basis. Once these times are allocated, they must be agreed and confirmed in writing. If the proposed request is not agreed in writing, the slot will not be allocated to you and you will not be permitted to have a firework display. All firework displays must take place within the time slot allocated to you and Healing Manor Hotel reserves the right to refuse a firework display if outside the allocated time.

If you have been granted permission in writing to host a fireworks display, please note that no amplified music can be played, unless on Fireworks night, 4th or 5thNovember or New Year’s Eve, 31st December, unless permission is granted from the council in writing.

No lighting of fires is allowed on our grounds, including Chinese lanterns due to health and safety reasons. Any sparklers must be lit outside in a safe area. The Healing Manor Hotel does not accept any responsibility for the disposal of sparklers and you must dispose of them yourself. Sparklers (both ignited unlit) and fireworks (including those that have not ignited) must be disposed of safely and must not be put in Healing Manor Hotel’s waste disposal system.  All fireworks and/or sparklers must be disposed of separately – please discuss this with your Event Co-ordinator in advance of any displays.

Healing Manor Hotel does not accept any responsibility for any harm, injury or otherwise caused due to the use of sparklers. Please note that you will use sparklers at your own risk.

You shall ensure that the provisions of the Noise Management Plan (as amended from time to time) are properly and promptly observed and complied with at all times. The Noise Management Plan shall be provided to you prior to your event. If there is an inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the Noise Management Plan, the provisions of Noise Management Plan shall prevail.

Please also note that whilst we welcome outdoor games, any guests wanting to participate in any activities including football, must do so on the open grass area and away from wildlife, the Pig & Whistle and Restaurant, unless this is where your event is taking place. Any flowerpots or any other items which may result in damage from such activities, must be paid for by the client. We please ask that unless you have hired exclusive use of the venue, that if guests are participating in activities within the gardens, that we ask that you are considerate of guests enjoying food and drinks on the terrace. Ball games and outdoor activities are not permitted near bedrooms.

Football is not permitted in any area of the grounds, other than the flat grass area at the far end of the gardens, opposite the Portman terrace.

The Hotel reserves the right to refuse any external entertainment or activities, which have been arranged, and cannot accept liability for any loss or costs. All outside entertainment must adhere to hotel policy on noise control, including but not limited to the hotel shutting off entertainment if not adhered to.

Health and Safety

The moat and pond area are not to be used for paddling or swimming, nor any other activities. These are to be enjoyed for photographs only.

Smoking and vaping is not allowed inside the Hotel, Function Rooms, Toilets or Bedrooms. Please be respectful of residents when disposing of cigarette ends. Smoking trays and sand filled pots are dotted around smoking areas for guests to dispose of cigarette ends. Any damage or uncalled for mess caused may result in a charge equal to the cost of cleaning and/or remedying any damage. Please note that organisers are responsible for informing guests of our smoking policy. Wildlife wander the grounds, and safe disposal of such items is non-negotiable.

All children are regarded as the responsibility of the clients and the children’s parents. All children must be kept within the function room, unless supervised.

Zero Tolerance

Healing Manor Hotel has a zero-tolerance policy regarding illegal acts, vandalism and rude and abusive behaviour towards members of our team, animals, wildlife and the public. Any activities deemed in breach of the above may result in your event being shut down and the police or relevant authorities being informed (if deemed necessary). Rude and abusive guests will be asked to leave the premises with immediate effect.

For all evening events in the Barn, no entrances are to be kept open and the curtains over the doors in the chapel must be drawn. Unless the hotel has been completely booked out, guests are asked to stay in the booked function room after 10pm. Where noise is deemed as impacting other guests at the hotel, guests will be politely asked to remain inside for the duration. We ask that when guests are departing your event, they respect other guests staying in the hotel and keep noise outside minimal. Please see the Noise Management Plan for further details.

We reserve the right to judge acceptable noise and behaviour of guests. We may in extreme circumstances cancel the event (without liability for refunds and/or compensation) if guest behaviour breaches these terms and conditions and/or the Noise Management Plan, and/or is unacceptable to us.

The organiser(s) of the event will be responsible for the cost of damages or defacement occurred to the property, furniture, or the grounds during their event.

We look forward to welcoming you to Healing Manor Hotel for your wedding celebrations. These terms are conditions are put in place for the safety of your guests, guests of the hotel and our team.


An initial payment of £1000 is required upon booking, or by a date agreed with our Wedding and Events Co-ordinator, to secure your booking. Please note, that under no circumstances is this amount refundable. Amounts are used towards the cost of your wedding day, administration and planning, as well as guaranteeing your booking and potential loss of other bookings to the business.

This amount is taken off the final balance due, along with any other payments made.

50% of the estimated total cost is to be paid on or before 90 days prior to your event and the full remaining balance must be paid at least 4-weeks prior to your wedding. We may cancel your wedding (and this contract) if we do not receive payment before these periods.

We reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of 7% above the Bank of England’s interest rate from time to time on any overdue amount not paid on the due date. This interest shall accrue on a daily basis from the due date until the date of payment of the overdue amount.

Any additional charges incurred on the day, must be settled on departure. Credit card details will be required for use of hotel credit facilities, such as tabs, room transfers and any booked bedrooms. Please note that cheques are no longer accepted. Suitable payment types are either; Card, cash or BACS.

A payment scheme is available, for couples wishing to split payments over a period, resulting in smaller, but more frequent payments. Further details can be provided, on request, by your Wedding and Events Coordinator.

If you have booked bedrooms for any guests who are ‘no shows’, you will be responsible for full payment of the bedrooms, in accordance with our accommodation cancellation policy.

Weddings confirmed within 90 days of the wedding date require an upfront payment of 50% of the estimated total cost.


All prices are correct at the time of going to print and inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate. However, they are subject to price fluctuations. Management reserves the right to vary the price and fare. Where price increases are imposed on the business for items included in your package, these will be reflected in the final balance due. Healing Manor Hotel offers a fully transparent pricing structure. with food and drinks menu prices at that time, available online via

If you think any quotation or invoice is incorrect, please contact us promptly on [01472 884544] to let us know. You will not have to pay interest on any overdue amount until any dispute or misunderstanding is resolved.

Wedding Insurance

The Hotel highly recommends that you take out wedding insurance.

This should be considered by you to protect you against cancellation, damage at, or to the venue and third-party injury or damage.


In the unfortunate circumstances that you need to cancel or postpone your confirmed booking at any time prior to the event, please note that the £1,500 payment is non-refundable along with either; 50% of the total quoted balance is required if a wedding or event is cancelled between 270-180 days prior to your celebrations. 75% of this cost between 180-31 days, and 90% of this cost if your cancel with 4-weeks or less until your booked celebration.

The above charges are always subject to the discretion of management and represent a real and fair pre-estimate of the costs or loss of profit that the Hotel is likely to suffer due to the cancellation and/or postponement of your event. The pre-estimate is based on a variety of factors including, loss of availability for other events, deposits paid to suppliers and other vendors, food and drink purchases in advance, third party charges/fees, etc.

If you require to move your original date to a ‘new’ date, additional costs may be incurred, as well as a cancellation fee. If your ‘new date’ is postponed more than 365 days from the date of your original booking, an additional charge of at least £500 will be payable to cover our additional costs.

Should the Hotel for reasons beyond its control need to make any amendments to your booking, we reserve the right to offer alternative dates and facilities. The Hotel may cancel the booking if the booking may, in the opinion of the Hotel, prejudice the reputation of the Hotel, or if scheduled payments are not received by the agreed date.

We will work with you to ensure that your wedding day is exactly as you planned. Prior to your wedding day, we may ask for further information from you about your day, including number of guests attending, drinks packages, food options, allergy information, etc. If we do not receive this information within a reasonable time of us asking, we may not be able to correctly deal with your requests and/or may (if the information relates to the health and wellbeing of you and/or your guests) need to cancel your confirmed booking.

Minimum Numbers

Estimated numbers must be advised to the hotel at the time of booking, confirmation of numbers must be confirmed no later than 4-weeks prior to the date of the wedding. If your guest numbers fall under your chosen package, the total package amount will still be charged, unless selecting a bespoke wedding package. An allowance for no more than a 10% drop in guests without charge is in place. 

Final Numbers

Final numbers and table plan must be given no later than 4-weeks prior to your wedding. This represents the numbers used in calculating your final account.

Due to health & safety and fire safety regulations, the Hotel operates a maximum number of guests. We will advise you of this when confirming final numbers. Final numbers must not be exceeded and we may ask guests to leave, or refuse entry, to guests if final numbers are exceeded on your wedding day.

Final Arrangements

Confirmation of final arrangements, including menus and all special requirements, must be confirmed to the Hotel at least 4-weeks prior to the date of your wedding. Some of our dishes may contain raw eggs, nuts or traces of nut oil. It is mandatory that you inform our staff of any allergies prior to your event.