A maximum of 6 displays will be allowed per year and will not be allowed on consecutive weekends.  Only “zero noise” fireworks are allowed for events excluding Bonfire Night, Chinese New Year and New Year’s Eve. Firework displays can only be a maximum, 5-minute duration. Neighbours will be informed of any forthcoming fireworks nights a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event, where notice is provided by the client to Healing Manor Hotel. Only fireworks supplied by Healing Manor’s recommended fireworks company will be permitted. Fireworks must be let off prior to 9.30pm and towards the moated island and main grounds, away from neighbours and the main road.

Bonfire Night and New Year firework displays are not included in the above and will continue.

No amplified music can be played outside, unless granted by the council, in writing. This excludes dates outlined above.

Access points to Function Rooms.

Doors and windows will remain closed after 8pm for events taking place in the Barn or Cadogan Room at Healing Manor Hotel. Soundproof curtains over the doors in the Chapel must be drawn. Guests are required to stay in the booked function room areas after 10pm. Where an outside event occurs a TENS licence will be applied for.  Staff are permitted to ask guests to reduce noise levels at any point, if deemed necessary.

Discos & Music

Guests booking music for any event taking place at Healing Manor Hotel are required to book one of Healing Manor’s recommended suppliers with whom Healing Manor hold sound agreements with. The booked DJ is required to provide noise monitoring throughout any event. Guests are permitted no more than 2 instruments per band and music must be controlled through an amplifier. The venue holds the rights to ask for noise levels to be reduced if in breach.

The reading on the DJ deck shall not exceed 100 decibels at set up point 1 and 84 at set up point 2.

The related numbers on phone apps are:

Set up 1 – LAeq 84db

Set up 2 – LAeq 78db

Amplified music is not allowed in outdoor areas, within the grounds of Healing Manor Hotel, unless otherwise permitted by North East Lincolnshire Council. Musicians which meet points outlined above, can perform outside without the use of an amplifier, however due to the nature of the business and outdoor spaces, this must be agreed with your events coordinator.

Doors and Windows

All doors and windows, safe for entry and exit to the Barn or Cadogan Suite shall remain closed between the hours of 2000 and 0900. Outside access will only be permitted for smokers, who will be required to use designated smoking areas.

Noise Readings

A perameter noise level check is required to be carried out by the Duty Manager hourly around the site. This must be logged for every evening event held at Healing Manor Hotel. Areas of check include; in the room, outside of windows and doors and via the entrance to the car park. Action should be taken if in breach of readings.

Staffing & Security.

For any events of 350 guests or more per event, security is required on site. Jobs may include; door management, security duties, car park checks, behaviour control and general health and safety.

Outdoor Events

This type of event is restricted to a maximum of 6 days per year. Any outdoor events must take place in the main garden which is located outside of the Restaurant. Events must run no later than 11pm. There shall be no external amplified entertainment held on the site except for the stated exempt 6 events per year. Notifications shall be given in advance of the external event to the Environmental Protection Team. A noise management plan shall be submitted for each external event to be agreed with the Environmental Protection Officer and implemented.

Zero Tolerance

The Hotel holds the rights to ask any guest to reduce noise volumes at any time on site. A no tolerance policy which is stated in the Wedding T&C’s