Here at Healing Manor Hotel, we’re big fans when it comes to a dog-friendly wedding and including your pet in your Wedding Day.

Whilst some venues have a strict no-pet policy, here at Healing Manor and in our beautiful Wedding Barn, we welcome your furry friends with open arms. Here are our top tips for including your beloved pet in yours and your future Mr or Mrs’ big day.

Know your pet’s personality

Always take into account your pet’s personality. If they’re shy, then try including them in your engagement photos where it’s just the two of you and your wedding photographer. You don’t want to be worrying about them when it comes to saying your vows. If your pet’s friendly and comfortable with crowds, consider including them in as much of the day as you can.

The Venue

Always check your venue’s rules when it comes to pets. Here at Healing Manor Hotel, we boast 4 dog-friendly bedrooms and a pet-friendly menu in our onsite pub, but some venues have a strict no-pet policy, so check beforehand. Whilst it’s more of an American tradition to practise your walk down the aisle, consider booking in a practice run at your venue and bringing along your pet. That way they can familiarise themselves with any smells and anything that might distract them when it comes to your special moment.

Photo by Emilia Jane Photography

Getting Ready

If you’re getting ready at home, or in one of our pet-friendly bedrooms, ask your photographer to capture some snaps of your beloved pooch next to any accessory or your bridal gown. These are images you’ll cherish forever and probably make the picture wall for years to come.

LHS Photo by D&A Photography  RHS Photo by James Green Studio

The Ceremony

Whether you’re planning on your horse carting you to your ceremony, or your four legged pooch playing ring bearer, ensure that you’ve pre-warned your Registrar and venue before saying your “I do’s”. Some Registrars don’t like animals, so it’s always best to have a chat as soon as you can, just to cross all of the ‘t’s’ and dot all of the ‘i’s’.

LHS Photo by Kaysha Weiner Photographer  RHS  Photo by Hannah Costello

The Outfit

Dogs often stand in for Page Boy or Flower Girl and you can dress them with a pretty flower crown, collar or lead to tie in with the theme of your bouquet. Alternatively, you can source the cutest tuxes and bow ties for male pups.

The Dog-sitter

Allocate someone to take charge of your pet throughout the day. Make sure it’s someone they’re comfortable and calm with. If you can’t find anyone to hold the lead, employ a local dog walker or sitter to stand in. Companies such as Bow Wow Vow provide your dog’s chaperone for the day to make sure they’re right where you need them for photo opportunities and time out. They even provide a taxi service to take your beloved pet home.

Dogs that dine

Whilst you might be carrying a tin of Lily’s in your clutch, alongside poo bags and a ball or two, speak to your venue about supplying something a little bit more special for your beloved pet and dog friendly wedding. Here’s our delicious and dog-friendly recipe for Peanut Butter Pup Cakes. If your dog (or which ever pet your bringing along to your wedding) is a vegetable or meat eater, why not ask your venue to provide something more substantial. Check out our dog-friendly menu, providing the perfect snack to keep your dog’s tail wagging.

dog friendly wedding cakeDog Friendly Wedding Venue, Tasha and Connor's Dog wedding cake

Photograph by Photos by Roberta


If your venue doesn’t allow pets or you decide to leave them at doggy-day-care, why not incorporate your loved one elsewhere for a dog-friendly wedding? Work with a graphic designer to design some pet-portrait invitations and stationery. Include some edible icing models of your pets on your wedding cake, or even source animal inspired napkin or cutlery holders, just like these.

Photo by Caroline Tran Photographer

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

To enquire about weddings here at Healing Manor Hotel in our grounds or our beautiful dog-friendly Wedding Barn, get in touch with our Wedding Coordinator via T. (01472) 884544 or E.