Here at Healing Manor Hotel we have launched a Dog friendly menu in The Pig and Whistle, welcoming well-behaved dogs into the pub and gardens seven days a week.

Your beloved pooches have their own menu, which even boasts allergens for any dogs suffering with dietary needs. The small but ample menu includes a free range turkey casserole, protein bowl, scrambled eggs and seasonal dessert with peanut butter.

Healing Manor Hotel, set just on the outskirts of Healing Village is home to 36 acres of beautiful park land and is the cross-through for one of North East Lincolnshire’s public footpaths, seeing lots of dog walkers utilizing it on a daily basis.

“Whilst it’s a bit of fun and not necessarily for everyone, any dog owner is going to love this dog friendly menu. It’s short and sweet, but will provide your dog with something to enjoy whilst you’re sipping on a pint, or enjoying our new menu. As a chef, I’ve always been a big ambassador for green waste and making the most of any part of a product. Adding the dog menu to the pub, although it’s just as good as any human food, utilizes parts of ingredients that we don’t include in the finished dishes. These include off-cuts of meat and fish, and the heads of vegetables. We’ve done lots of research to make sure all the ingredients are pet-friendly.”

Mark Harvey, Head Chef

Please note that The Portman Restaurant is a dog-free zone.

Dog Friendly Bedrooms

We understand how difficult it can be when you have to leave your pet at home, so when you stay here at Healing Manor Hotel, you won’t have to! We have dedicated pet-friendly rooms and acres of beautiful grounds for your beloved pooches to roam. Healing Manor Hotel is located just outside of Grimsby, a short drive or train ride away from Cleethorpes Beach and is surrounded by beautiful countryside walks, perfect for a day out in North East Lincolnshire with your dog.

Although booking isn’t compulsory, it’s recommended!

To ensure your table, please call or email us to make your booking:
(01472) 884544