Food at a wedding can make or break the day and a large proportion of your day is often spent delving into food and sipping away on drinks.

Whilst a traditional sit down 3 course wedding breakfast is still a popular choice for the main affair, brides and grooms are now opting for a more personalised feast, after all food is such a personal thing and comes down to taste and preference.

Canapés and drinks at a wedding, Healing Manor Hotel Wedding Food Trends Healing Manor Hotel

Swapping your starters for Canapés & mingling

If you’re the kind of couple that want to steer away from too many formalities and your wedding venue lends its self to some outside space, swap out your starter for canapés and drinks.

Anywhere between 3-5 canapés will keep your guests hunger pangs away, but will allow you all to enjoy a little more mingling before taking your seats for the formalities of your big day. Too much food and you’re going to risk the bloat, so swapping one of your courses for guests to enjoy canapés gives you the best of both worlds.

Miniature Fish and Chip Canapés Healing Manor Wedding Venue Canapés Healing Manor Hotel Wedding Venue

Canapés are as much about being a treat for the eyes as your taste buds. Meet with your caterer or venue to discuss canapés options and have some fun, after all canapés are essentially an all in one bite and a great excuse to try something new or rock out your favourite meal in one fine scoop.

Being a wedding venue not too far away from Grimsby, it would be rude not to offer miniature fish and chips, one of our most popular canapés options.

To enquire about our new Canapés menu for 2019 & 2020 weddings at Healing Manor Hotel please E.

Wedding Food Trends 2019 with Healing Manor Hotel Wedding Venue

Breaking the awkward silences

When it comes to planning your table layout and who’s sitting where, there’s often an underlying stress of no knowing which guests are going to get along with who, especially when it comes to extended family members and planning for your partners friends. Add an informality with a main course for the table to share to break any barriers between guests. Food is such a sociable cause and is a great way to add some fun between guests who don’t know one another.

Celebrating your wedding during the winter months, opt for a whole joint or pie to be served by a selected guest from each table, to the whole table. At a wedding last year with our catering company, The Lincolnshire Chef, bride and groom Charlotte and Ross opted to do just this with their main course and dessert and it went down a treat with all of their guests and became a huge talking point for the day.

Antipasti Station Wedding Food Trends Healing Manor Hotel

Food Stations – Ditch the beige buffets

Whilst there is nothing wrong with a beige spread of sandwiches, sausage rolls and quiches, food stations are changing the way our evening guests dine. Whilst in theory, a food station is pretty much the same concept as a buffet, they’re more akin to a theme, making a great tasty and visual impact when it comes to evening dining.

Here at Healing Manor Hotel, we’ve just launched our new Food Stations Menu. Whether you want to graze over antipasti, load up tacos with your favourite Mexican flavours, tuck into hot dogs with grilled onions, mustard and ketchup or indulge in wintery pies, our food stations menu allows you to choose the theme of your evening meal and add a little bit of fun to the buffet table.