Here’s our top 5 quick-fire tips for when it comes to social media etiquette and photograph snapping at any wedding.

Gone are the days when newly married couples had to wait months to catch a glimpse of their special day, thanks to every guest making room for a camera phone in their suit pocket or handbag. Most bride and grooms love everyone sharing photographs from their big day online, but make sure you’re not post-happy and stick to the essentials when it comes to social media etiquette at weddings

Photography by Pink Feet Photography at Jenny & Alan’s Barn Wedding

Tip 1. Stick To The Requests Of The Bride & Groom

Most couples are happy for guests to snap away and share pictures on social media on their big day, however some couples choose to unplug, so be polite and do as you’re told.

Tip 2. Let The Photographer Do Their Job

There’s nothing worse than the bride and groom looking back down the isle to see a stream of mobile phones. Most couples will hire a professional photographer, so remember it’s their sole job for the day to capture photographs.

Some brides and grooms opt for the opposite and ditch the traditions of having a professional photographer capture their day and instead request for guests to do the picture taking for them.


Are your wedding guests Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter addicts? Why not set a personalised Snapchat filter or # to capture your day. Include your personalised # on your ‘save the dates‘ and ‘wedding Invites‘ and include them on any stationary around your venue on your big day, and encourage guests to get sharing.

Tip 4. Timing

Don’t share a picture of the Bride or Groom before their ceremony. There’s nothing worse than ruining the moment the happy couple will see each other for the first time on their big day. Remember there’s often months of planning that goes into a wedding and you don’t want be the person to ruin that because your Instagram feed is calling for wedding updates.

Equally, don’t share pictures of the rooms set up or any decor details on the big day before all guests have arrived.

Tip 5. Flattering Photo’s Only Please

There’s nothing worse than that sickening feeling and wave of embarrassment when someone posts a picture of you online that captures you at an awkward angle. The same rule applies for you posting unflattering pictures of someone else, especially the Bride and Groom. Just don’t do it!