Sometimes it can feel tricker packing for a weekend staycation in the UK then it can for a week in the sun, after all, as much as we love the great British weather, it can be unpredictable – to say the least!

However, we like to think, here at Healing Manor Hotel, we’re experts when it comes to making sure you have an enjoyable break without having to pack everything but the kitchen sink, so here are a few tips to help you get the best of your stay.

The Dog Walkers Weekend

We know how important your favourite four-legged friend is to you, but we also know that sometimes, packing for your pooch can be like packing for an extra human (or two!) so we’ve tried to make it as light-a-work as possible for you in our dog friendly rooms and award-winning pub.

First up, things to leave at home because we’ve got you covered, our pet-friendly service includes:

  • A dog bowl in your room. – A delicious dog-friendly dinner from our dog menu, while you tuck into your own delicious dinner in our dog-friendly pub The Pig & Whistle.
  • Complimentary dog treats and emergency poop-bags behind the bar.
  • Additional services which can be arranged upon request (and save you boot space)
  • Pet food in your room
  • Local pet grooming information
  • Maps listing enjoyable walks and adventures nearby
  • Veterinary contact details

What we recommend you do bring to make your stay perfect.

  • Your Walking Gear – Healing Manor is set in the ideal location for beautiful countryside walks with your dog just on the outskirts of Grimsby, or for a day on a dog friendly beach, we’re just a short drive or train ride away from Cleethorpes beach.
  • Which leads us onto our next suggestion, a dog towel or drying bag, after all, we can guarantee a fun walk, but we can’t guarantee they’ll stay out of puddles and the sea, in fact, secretly, we highly recommend they jump right in and enjoy themselves.
  • Extra poo bags – after all, we like to keep our countryside and beaches enjoyable for everyone.
  • Your pets favourite bed and/or crate, after all, after a long afternoon walk, you want them to chill out, and think of the Manor as their manor.
  • An empty tummy – because after a day of walking, you’ll want to recharge, with good food and drink, while your hound snoozes at your feet.

The Romantic Overnighter

If you have a special occasion coming up, The Pig & Whistle Tasting Menu Dine and Stay experience could just be just what you need. But what do you need when it comes to packing your bag? Will it be raining? What if it’s sunny? We get it. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s what we recommend you bring along for your stay.

  • Something to read or a pack of cards, after all, if it’s raining, our instant reaction is to retreat to our warm and cosy (and dry) pub, and what better way to while away a rainy afternoon than with a nice, relaxed drink and a game of Rummy. Of course, if the sun is shining, there’s nothing like sitting on our terrace, the sun on your face, sipping a G&T and enjoying a couple of chapters of that novel you’ve been trying to finish.
  • However, if you do fancy venturing out, a waterproof jacket wouldn’t go amiss. Even if you just fancy getting the air on your face with a brisk walk around the grounds.
  • After your walk, why not bring your favourite facemask and enjoy a relaxing bath before your romantic evening. Luxury smellies and fluffy towels are, of course, all in your room ready to be used.
  • Don’t forget your favourite outfit! After all, even though we don’t have a dress code nothing makes an evening feel more special, than dressing up to enjoy your romantic meal.

The Wedding Guest

Now more than ever, celebrating a wedding is a big deal. After the last few years of rescheduling and postponing, everyone wants the bride and groom to have the most perfect day, but can you remember what you need to be packing for an event? Or has it been too long since the last one? Don’t worry, here are a few reminders to add to your to do list.

  • OBVIOUSLY, your outfit is the top of the list, a wedding is a perfect opportunity to dress up and celebrate.
  • If you’re bringing one, don’t forget to put your gift in the car. Often not required by couples these days, nothing is more annoying than getting halfway to a venue and remembering that that gift bag is on the kitchen counter…
  • Portable phone chargers have replaced camera film, it wouldn’t do for you to not get a selfie with the happy couple.
  • Sometimes, we can’t help ourselves, and we celebrate a little too much. We’ve all done it. So don’t forget some painkillers so you don’t miss out on your fantastic breakfast the next morning.
  • Don’t worry about tissues, or smellies, if you’re staying in one of our rooms, you’ll be fully equipped, and if you forget something, we’ll be here to try and help where we can.

Whatever the reason for your visit, we’re here to make it as enjoyable as possible, so if you’ve got any questions please do just get in touch.