Book in some time at the table with your loved ones every week with our Fish Friday Family Offer.

We may be spending every minute together during lockdown, but that doesn’t always equate to quality family time. With home-schooling, working from home and all the other current pressures, set aside some time aside to reconnect.

Every Friday, between 12pm – 9pm, you can enjoy a FREE child’s portion of fish and chips, usually £7, with each adult’s portion, £10, ordered through The Lincolnshire Kitchen.



Now, we may toot our horn when it comes to our fish and chips but there’s good reason. Firstly, it’s not just any fish, it’s Oscar Cleve’s Haddock. Locally sourced these fresh, beautiful fillets are dipped in The Lincolnshire Chef’s beer batter for a light and crispy crunch.

Served with proper chips, we leave the sides up to you because we know, for so many of you, fish and chips is akin to a Sunday Roast – perfect is different for everyone. What’s more we can make yours gluten free too, so there is no need to miss out on our fish and chips if you suffer with an intolerance.

Add each additional side for 50p: Tartar Sauce (v) (gf*), Mushy Peas (v) (gf*), Garden Peas (v) (ve*) (gf*), Gravy (v*) (gf*), Beans (v) (gf), Curry Sauce.


Fish Friday Family Offer


To order, and make the most of our Fish Friday Family Offer, use the window below and select ‘Friday Night Fish and Chip Offer’. Available from 12pm – 9pm on a Friday, for delivery or free, Covid-safe collection. Delivery is 50p the Healing village and £3 to those within a 5-mile radius.